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Yoga Alliance

Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi is a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. Our Instructors Course is given in compliance with the Yoga Alliance guidelines.


"I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 17 yrs. experiencing the rich benefits yoga has to offer. Taking classes at Monroe Yoga, I really liked the organic feel of Ronen's approach and practice. When I saw he was offering a certification program to become a yoga instructor, I was very interested. Ronen is very knowledgeable in his vast cultural experience, including spiritually, physically and intellectually. His school was a perfect fit for me. Ronen has been a mentor to me and an excellent teacher. He helped me push through some physical and mental challenges during this course. It is a very big commitment for 8 months but the benefits are priceless!! Thank you Ronen for making this course an amazing experience for me."

-- Rachel O., Graduate YTT 2014.

"I have been practicing yoga for approximately 10 years when a friend suggested I consider taking the yoga instructors course at Monroe Yoga. Though initially intimidated by the thought of it, I accepted the invitation, and joined the 8 months long training. Obtaining my certification as a yoga instructor is probably one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to date. Ronen's wisdom and humility enables him to be a teacher that builds your confidence as you enhance your knowledge of the practice. He has allowed me to grow not only as a yoga instructor but also as a person. The course itself had not been a walk in the park – effort and commitment were required; but I am so happy I accepted this challenge in my life and saw it through to the end. I believe it will open new opportunities for me in my life."

-- Jeannie C., Graduate YTT 2014.

"If you want an honest and down-to-earth yoga teaching style, cut right through all the smoke and mirrors of all those other YTT programs and come to Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi. As a prospective student, I had been debating entering a YTT program for over three years, because I felt no other program was right for me. I hesitated to apply to other YTT schools in the NY metro area because of high program fees, difficult locations, and the apparent pretension and superficiality of many yoga instructors. Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi offered me a solution, with an affordable fee and flexible payment plan, as well as practical methodology to getting started in this booming profession. Also, Ronen helped me get through many of my fears with his practical, step by step approach and sound business acumen. Ronen is man who walks his talk not only in his business but in his spiritual practices as well. You'll never get anybody more real than Ronen nor any better deal in the NY metro than Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi."

-- Nancy D., Graduate YTT 2014.

"Ronen’s Yoga Instructors Training course at Monroe Yoga is a good fit for anyone who is looking for an intimate studio environment where the focus is on the well-being and benefit of the students of the future instructors."

-- Dennis, R., Graduate YTT 2012.

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Instructors Course

Training Information

Our next YTT had not yet been scheduled. If you are interested in getting notified once a date is set, please click here to email us. 

Classes take place once a week, on Sundays 10am-1pm, over the course's duration (6 months.)

Material covered includes asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting and mantras, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques, physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.). These topics mix analytical training in how to teach and practice of the techniques, as well as guided practice of the techniques themselves. The training includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student's process of learning and business aspects of teaching yoga. We also cover the study of yoga philosophies, yoga lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers. Hands on includes practicing teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teach, and hearing and giving feedback, as well as assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Training cost is $2,750.00 $2,450.00 (flexible payment plan is available, please inquire if interested). Cost includes unlimited participation in any classes at Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi (excluding special events), for the duration of the training, value of $800.
Please note that space is limited to 6 participants.

If you have partial experience/training in yoga instruction and need to complete missing subjects, please specify in the form and/or discuss with Ronen in person.

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